• Awareness

    Awareness is your ability to be conscious of both your inner and outer landscape. In terms of the inner landscape, awareness implies consciously communicating with yourself in a way that is supportive and uplifting. In the outer landscape, awareness is defined by your ability to assess, adapt and connect to others in a meaningful way.

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  • Resilience

    Personal Resilience relates to your ability to adapt easily and effortlessly to the changes occurring around you and the demands placed upon you. Your ability to be resilient is supported by your self-esteem and self-confidence, that sense of being in your best and most powerful place.

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  • Community

    Community is the foundation for building meaningful human connections. Whether this is with family or within organizations, a sense of community brings balance to the technological era, building deeper connections, shared meaning, and a sense of belonging. It supports the human being versus the human doing.

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  • Heart

    Heart reflects the degree to which you are connected to what is truly important to you. It includes and awareness of your personal ‘why’ or sense of purpose as well as a deep connection to the work you are doing. When you are heart-full, you know that what you are engaged in is meaningful to yourself, others and the planet.

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Why Engage road SIGNS?

roadSIGNS is a coaching-consulting company whose mission is to cultivate passion, innovation and spirit within individuals, teams and organizations.

Through one-on-one coaching and in facilitated group sessions, we create opportunities for individuals to discover their strengths, engage their potential and remain resilient in an ever-changing world.

We are committed to creating healthy human work environments where individuals are fully engaged in their work and where their unique gifts and strengths are valued, rewarded and celebrated.

We believe that when imagination and creativity are harnessed, organizations remain resilient and prepared to withstand challenging economic times. The result is increased productivity and ‘bottom line’ results.

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